A common request by teachers the ability to see the grade percentage of students in the Standard Gradebook view. 

The default display type is Real (numeric points). The settings can can be changed to display the percentage or a combination of percentage and letter grade or point total.

Adding the grade percentage to the course total column

  1. Go to the course homepage
  2. Click the Grades Link
  3. Click Setup  
  4. Click the Class Grade Settings
  5. In the Category Total area click Show More.
  6. Scroll to Display grade type and choose a setting that contains percentage:
    • Percentage
    • Percentage (Letter) or Letter (Percentage)
    • Percentage (Real) or Real (Percentage)
  7. Click Save changes.

Revisit the Standard Gradebook view and scroll to the Course Total column to view the changes.

Course total column using the default setting of points only. Course total set to show points and grade percentage.